About Us

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


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My story

My fairytale love story began the moment I married my husband Varinder on December 7, 2013 I was 26 at that time, and was filled with happiness and excitement to embark on my new journey in life.

 When I got married I was not working, and was a housewife.My sole duty was to take care of my in-laws, husband, & myself. I always was happy doing this and never was there a moment of grief in my heart, but there was always something missing… a little bit of happiness was always missing from my life. I guess you can say… a part of me was in pursuit of my own happiness too.

My pursuit didn’t have a journey for me, but it lead to an early morning in July of 2016 when got an opportunity and that was ORIFLAME.

I can literally say the 2016 year was the turning point of my life (I can say this now and honestly at that time I did not know it would be the turning point of my life).

Oriflame makes me powerful each and every day by not just fulfilling my dreams as a business woman, but fulfilling other people’s dreams as well. I went from being a simple housewife who lived in her husband’s shadow and became independent. I went from not being tech savvy to using a laptop and smart phone on a daily basis (I mean… I have my own webpage too… I should get some street credit there too, hehe).

So far it’s been just 1  wonderful years in my journey with Oriflame, and I can honestly say I have completely transformed as an individual from being a housewife to a business woman. My dream of having my own identity has been fulfilled, and I no longer feel empty.